Current Job Openings

Systems Engineer (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Engineering or Data Science degree, Masters or PhD preferred. Demonstrated system specification, integration, and test capability required. Visualization, imaging, networking, and compression experience would all be an asset.

Responsibilities:  You’ll be working in our systems team to create the next generation of holographic displays. Duties range from CODEC specification and test to hardware, software, mechanical, and optical specification.


Industrial Designer (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Design degree, Masters or PhD preferred. Send along your portfolio with your application because we’re going to ask for it anyway.

Responsibilities:  You’ll be working with our marketing, systems, and engineering teams to design the customer facing components of holographic displays such as enclosure, usability, and human interaction.


 Content Designer (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Relevant diploma or better. Excellent creative and visualization skills. Good independence. Game engine experience, such as Unreal or Unity, would be an asset. We’ll want to look at your work so you might as well send it along with your application.

Responsibilities:  Work with product marketing and systems to understand holographic display capabilities and develop content around use case scenarios. Work with product marketing and sales for presentation content.


FPGA Designer (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Relevant degree or better. Excellent FPGA skills. Visualization, imaging, networking, and compression experience would all be an asset.

Responsibilities:  Architecture, specification, coding, and test of the FPGA systems needed to create the holographic display.


Office Manager – Maternity Leave Replacement ( 1 Year ) 

Qualifications: Responsible for daily office maintenance, logistics, mail and shipping, ordering, and expenses.

Responsibilities:  Excellent organization, social and communication skills. Ability to work independently. Post secondary diploma or degree would be an asset.


Systems Quality Lead (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Engineering degree. Excellent organization skills and an attention to detail mindset required. Visualization and imaging experience would all be an asset.

Responsibilities:  You’ll be working in our systems team to create and execute the test plans of ensuring the holographic displays meet our quality requirements.


Optical Engineer (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Engineering or Science degree, Masters or PhD preferred. Optical Ray tracing experience (such as FRED) is required. Lens design and optical component experience would be preferred.

Responsibilities:  You’ll be working in our optical team to create the waveguides and waveguide systems for our holographic displays.


Director of Marketing (St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Undergrad degree, Masters preferred. Demonstrated capability in brand awareness expansion and outbound marketing activities.

Responsibilities:  How do you tell the world you have a holographic display? We don’t know! That’s why we need you. You’ll be working with our systems and executive team to understand holographic displays and their use cases. You will be responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring outbound marketing activities to create and expand awareness of Avalon’s products and activities.



Engineering Technologist

(St. John’s)

Qualifications:  Relevant diploma or better. Excellent mechanical dexterity, attention to detail, and a passion for making things work and look the best.

Responsibilities:  As part of the Avalon team, you’ll be responsible for assembling and testing our holographic displays. These are very high precision systems, and you’ll need the patience and desire to make things near perfect if you want to succeed in this role. You’ll follow the processes put together by our optics, mechanical, and systems teams when assembling these displays, and provide feedback on how we can get better.


While we may have filled our past positions, we’re always on the lookout for new people. If you fit one of these past positions and you’re interested, reach out! Maybe we can find something here for you.

Past Job Openings

Semiconductor Systems Engineer (St. John’s)

Process Design Engineer (St. John’s)

System Administrator (St. John’s)

Mechanical Engineer (St. John’s)

Process Specialist (Edmonton)